Burzcast specializes in building innovative products for Windows, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.
Burzcast's portfolio is a digital gallery reflecting the vast array of digital products, programs, and mobile applications crafted by our adept developers.
It's a spectrum ranging from freeware applications to premium ones, each entry a testament to the diversity and excellence we bring to our craft.
At Burzcast, we're not just building software but curating a digital legacy.
Every product we design is intricately tailored to our client's needs, delivering fluid functionality and remarkable user experiences.
Our team, armed with years of software development experience and an unwavering passion for technology, is equipped to surmount any challenge.
Anticipate this page to be continuously enriched with fresh software products as we forge ahead in our journey of technological mastery.

Advanced Timer is a freeware Windows® automation tool that allows users to automate tasks within the operating system. It can trigger actions, run applications, monitor folders, and start events at a specific date and time or after a specified delay.